Software Services
Custom Application development outsourcing helps organizations adapt to the rapid technology advancements and evolving business processes and fulfill their need for newer customized solutions with embedded business processes, rules and logic
This development refers to the implementation of software that can be accessed with a platform independent web-browser as the singular application interface
Emalgam’s client-server, distributed intended to serve as catalysts to port business functioning to vigorous IT processes
Consulting plays a significant and an all-important role in the delivery of strong and sustainable business software solutions

Custom Application Development

Custom Application development outsourcing helps organizations adapt to the rapid technology advancements and evolving business processes and fulfill their need for newer customized solutions with embedded business processes, rules and logic.

Web Application Development
Application development has undergone a transition over the last few years, with the migration of applications from traditional client/server designs to the Internet. This dynamic nature of the web as a convenient transaction vehicle for business transactions has made fast-paced development of solutions - paramount. The advent of technologies such as ASP & Microsoft .NET, PHP Development, Java/J2EE, Cold Fusion etc allows us to convert business processes and legacy application into web enable applications.

Desktop Application
Desktop Applications are robust, rich-client applications that are compiled and run using the processing power of an individual user's desktop computer. Emalgam has expertise in a wide variety of the latest programming language tools and platforms for client-server application. Structured methodologies and proven IT processes helps to reduce complexity, risks and costs associated with client/server development. We will help you develop customized software applications and assist you thorough out the entire software development Life Cycle, including project management, systems analysis and design, software development, implementation and training.

Smart Client Application

What Is Smart Client?

"Smart Client applications bridge the gap between web applications and desktop applications. They provide the benefits of a web application such as leveraging the internet and offering remote access to data) while still providing the snappy look and feel inherent to desktop applications."

Key Benefits of Smart Client Application

  • They have a rich user interface that takes advantage of the power of the Microsoft Windows Desktop
  • They connect to multiple back-end systems to exchange data with them.
  • They present information coming from multiple and diverse sources through an integrated user interface, so the data looks like it came from one back-end system.
  • They take advantage of local storage and processing resources to enable operation during periods of no network connectivity or intermittent network connectivity

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Database Administration

Outsourcing Database Administration (DBA) services as a means to reduce IT expenses is the order of the day. Remote rendering of DBA services results in improved system performance, enabling high efficiency and lower cost of operation. At Emalgam, we help our clients benefit by deploying a team of remote DBA experts at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time equivalents with comparable experience locally.

Remote DBA services are covered by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with all parameters that range from simple database augmentation to avoiding of gaps in service coverage to 24X7 proactive monitoring that can help detect problems before they occur. Additionally, we provide a number of valuable reports designed to aid in database system performance.

Emalgam will help you determine the best administrative strategies, hedge risks and exposure to disruptive downtime and make sure your databases operates at peak efficiency, regardless of the user load.

We have information resources, analytical tools and most important, certified database experts who can help you understand and evaluate the full range of database administration options so that you can build a strong database administration and technology strategy.

  • Business Value through Remote Database Administration Services
  • Gain a predictable annual budget for database administration
  • Reduce DBA expenses: salary increases, benefits, recruiting, and training <
  • Avoid internal hardware and work space costs: computers, printers, phones, cubicles, offices, etc.
  • Database status monitoring
  • Database designing & normalization of tables
  • Collect performance and resource metrics
  • Automated performance decisions of collected metrics
  • Notification of system alerts due to performance, Availability and Resources
  • Scan system log files
  • Verify Backups
  • Professional DBA support
  • Reporting
  • 24x7 DBA monitoring and 99.9% uptime of data
  • Daily and Weekly report generation
  • Onsite Installation and Technical DB support

Databases Supported

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL
  • IBM DB2
  • Informix
  • MySQL
  • Sybase

Database Migration/Porting
Migrating from one database platform can be difficult and time consuming due to differences in standards between vendors. We offer a comprehensive database migration methodology where we work with you to move your database from one platform to another.

Emalgam's Database Porting Planning Methodology enables us to analyze the database architectures, plan the necessary migration routines, performing the migration on your existing data and verify that it was successfully completed.

Our database consultants work closely with your internal project team to create a cost-effective and accelerated migration plan. We share the potential risks and the associated mitigate plan, minimize the cost of migration and rapidly port the database, allowing for reduction in system downtime during the transition.

Emalgam provides recommendations for making your migration as seamless as possible and proven techniques for optimizing your system resources. This together with the best practices that enable you to maintain your system's performance after the migration is complete.

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Web based software

Web based application development refers to the implementation of software that can be accessed with a platform independent web-browser as the singular application interface, and encompasses both Business-to-Business (B2B), and Business-to-Customer (B2C) solutions. Web enabled software can be globally accessible (internet) or locally deployed (intranet). Emalgam is a leading professional website design and development company in India. Our expertise and experience with web enabled software development spans multiple technologies and verticals and helps us deliver quality offshore web site development services.

Since our inception, our emphasis has always been towards the development of software that can be deployed on the internet. Simultaneously, we were expanding our horizons and delivering a diverse range of B2C solutions for our offshore clients. Gradually, our growing expertise with web enabled solutions led us to partner with established software development companies in the US and Europe to continually develop and enhance business-critical enterprise-scale applications.

Solution Categories
Web based application development is our forte. Over the years we have successfully delivered (and continue to deliver) a wide range of offshore web site application development services for a wide range of overseas customers.

These include:

1.Large sized and Enterprise-Level web enabled business applications (B2B) such as Lease Management System, Human Resources Management System, amongst others. Applications on this scale may utilize dedicated staff members, using our FTE Engagement Models. Typically, the requirements for a large sized web site application development project exceeds 8000 man hours of work, inclusive of consulting, analyses, documentation, programming, quality testing and deployment.

2.Web application development catering individualistic & organization specific requirements of mid-to-large sized companies. Software development at this scale can be open-ended (involving continual product enhancements) or at a Fixed Duration/Cost.

3.Internet based B2C applications such as customized e-commerce websites, commercial portals, Flash powered applications and the like. Most B2C applications are developed & deployed within a fixed duration and cost. Some examples of web enabled applications delivered by us in this category include Loyalty Points.

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Client/Server Software
Emalgam’s client-server, distributed and web services application development software solutions are intended to serve as catalysts to port business functioning to vigorous IT processes. By combining a vast range of resources with appropriate technology, Emalgam develops remarkable applications that drastically reduce the time and resources spent for a business process to take place and serve to eliminate functional bottlenecks.

In today’s age, where high levels of competency exist, IT enabling business processes are the order of the day. The ROI for software development is non-tangible and yet facilitates an extremely valuable set of benefits, namely – Time Gains, Efficiency & Clarity.

By migrating a manual process to an IT-enabled one, the overall costs of executing a business process becomes much more rapid and cost-efficient. The initial costs of developing customized software solutions very quickly start to bear fruit as organizations find themselves in a position to ascertain the progress that they’re making in terms of time-gains, resource-optimizations & cost-efficiency.

Emalgam suggests and implements end-to-end solutions that are tailor-made for your business. We ascertain the needs and requirements of any organization and suggest appropriate mechanisms to implement your software development needs. Apt technologies are put to use and the best possible solution takes center-stage.

We provide the following solutions:

Three characteristics that set client-server computing apart from the rest of the IT world:

Division of labor
Client-server systems divide up the work of computing among many separate machines.

Network infrastructure
Given this division of labor, client-server systems rely on networks to weld together disparate computers into a cohesive whole.

Emphasis on the user
It provides users with greater latitude in choosing software presentation, and software designers with greater latitude in creating programs that are pretty, readily customized, and modern

Using structured methodologies and proven IT processes helps to reduce complexity, risks and costs associated with client-server development.

There is no doubt that there is great demand for large-scale distributed applications. Indeed, tremendously expensive special-purpose distributed systems have been deployed and today are used extensively in the banking, airline, and telecommunication industries. A major barrier to distributed application development for the Internet, is the difficulty of desiging, building, testing, and maintaining distributed applications using tools that comprise the state-of-the-art-today.

Our proposal is to develop tools that will enable developers to realize scalable distributed applications on the Internet. The life cycle of a distributed application development project can typically be viewed as having four stages:

  • Design stage
  • Implementation and testing stage
  • Deployment and utilization stage
  • Maintenance and evolution stage

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Consulting and Analysis
Consulting plays a significant and an all-important role in the delivery of strong and sustainable business software solutions. It is the key to well planned software that continues to perform consistently, regardless of circumstantial factors. Emalgam provides software consulting services that ensure that your business objectives are perfectly aligned with the eventual technology implementation. We are on par with the best software development consulting companies in India and our consultants are experts in their specific domains, verticals and industry-specific solutions. They ensure that every aspect of your business requirements are carefully mapped to eventual outcomes thereby charting a path forward and ensuring that gaps between business vision and actual implementation are absolutely filled.

A good software development and consulting firm ensures that your project initiates under the best environment and practices. Planning and deciding on the information technology to be used in development is a key element amongst all attributes that go on to make a great software product/solution. In many instances, software specifications are not carefully or adequately documented. Under such circumstances, proper consulting becomes absolutely critical. It is very important to have a mutually common vision for the proposed software.

Our software consulting services involve one or more of the following:

  • Benchmarking existing systems, applications and processes
  • Gap Analysis – Accumulating and assimilating all relevant information
  • Defining a roadmap and laying down a way forward
  • Defining best practices and processes
  • Defining a software architecture for the proposed solution
  • Selecting an ideal Software Development Life Cycle model
  • Understanding, Interpreting and Predicting Customer/User behavior
  • Documenting Business Rules and Practices
  • Suggesting and recommending the best suited Technology Platform to deploy
  • Documenting proposed Technology Implementation

Drawing references from existing applications and websites, although not entirely impossible, is only secondary in comparison to putting heads together and carefully documenting every business process and element. While it is theoretically possible to draw out or ‘extract’ perceptible features, it is nearly impossible to map back-end processes and systems.

For example, an online B2C portal may show all the options available to a potential user/customer. However, it will definitely not show all the processes and functions that are driving the application and making the entire software, a success. Fulfilling critical elements such as back-end features are best documented and mutually agreed upon at the onset.

The following hypothetical situations are cases-in-point, for selecting our services over any other software consulting company :

  • Original business-level requirements and specifications have not been documented in their right form.
  • There are undecided aspects to one or more key areas of the overall ‘vision’ for the software.
  • There are a host of initial questions and clarifications regarding one or more software and/or business elements.
  • Mapping the proposed software to its eventual delivery requires domain expertise, functional expertise, or technical expertise.
  • Lower-sized commitment – The duration of a software consulting process is potentially, a smaller percentage of its delivery and for some of our customers, an ideal option to take when partnering with us

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Platform Migration

Emalgam provides application migration, operating system migration and database migration services. With technological surges suddenly making previously used systems and processes seem obsolete, the surest way forward is to ensure that the applications being deployed are ported to state-of-the-art technology environments while maintaining (or enhancing) existing software functionality.

Database, operating system and application migration services are needs that most organizations have at some point of time in their IT cycle. This is due to the following reasons:

Reduce differences and discrepancies in database platforms to enable a more robust data sharing and retrieval process.

With the open-ended and massive leverage that the internet has to offer, many organizations find themselves in a situation where web-enabling an "offline" solution makes more business sense.

To upgrade to better platforms from redundant ones offering little strategic value. The crux of upgrading from legacy systems is to maintain established organizational practices and policies and improve upon them.

Protection of data, especially when accessed by an extensive amount of individual and collective users as well as outsiders is almost mission critical. The primary focus is to enable high level encryption methodologies.

Applications that power today's businesses need to be robust, scalable, and reliable and offer increased performance features.

Database migration and application or software migration derive their fundamental strengths from the existing business logic and build on it. In a lot of cases, migration can be a more cost-effective option as compared to application re-writing or purchasing "off-the-shelf" products.

By appropriately defining proven methodologies, frameworks and toolsets, Emalgam's approach to migration is oriented towards fulfilling minor but constantly deliverable functionalities as modules within the entire migration scope, which is a more realistic mode of functioning. Depending on a wide range of factors such as "Existing Situation", "Expected Situation" and "Monetary Constraints", we suggest the most appropriate mechanism for migration processes.

Emalgam's approach to Migration services:

  • Migrating needs Consultancy. We assess a given situation and suggest the most effective mechanism.
  • Intranet and IT assessment services
  • Evaluating existing technology and suggesting Third-Party Tools integration wherever applicable
  • Offering the entire gamut of services - From Inception to Implementation to Support

Emalgam offers Migration in the following categories:

  • Software migration services within the same platform
  • Migrating applications from one technology/platform to another
  • Evaluating existing technology and suggesting Third-Party Tools integration wherever applicable

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Wireless and Mobile
The Mobile Internet technology refers to Internet content viewable by wireless mobile devices, of which WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is one, but not the only example. Emalgam helps businesses to mobile enable their core services. With Emalgam's expertise in wireles software development, you can reach your customers anytime and anywhere.

Popular websites like and have carefully designed their WAP sites to look and feel much like their wired counterparts, while search engines like Google are transferring pages from HTML to WML so they can be accessed by wireless users.

Besides WAP, Emalgam’s expertise extends to parallel mobile technologies like I-mode and J-Phone (dominant in the Asia-Pacific region). The backbone of these applications is the J2EE framework. Emalgam has developed core competency in addressing the requirements of wireless application development with a combination of J2EE and J2ME.

Solutions for the Mobile Internet

Mobile enabling your business
As is clear from the studies done by Gartner by 2005, people would be accessing information more on handheld devices as compared to conventional access on PC. Emalgam's wireless software development solutions help businesses to mobile enable their core services. With Emalgam's expertise you can reach out to your customers, anytime and anywhere. Up-to-date information on services such as travel facilities, hotels, and airlines are some of the most sought after ones, by people on the move. To be able to provide your customers with valuable information while they are on the go, would make it very convenient for them to access & retrieve information – which would translate to better business for you.

Messaging Solutions – SMS – Reach out to the world
Communication has made the world a global village. You can reach anybody, anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home by using a phone. But this of course involves human interaction. For your business there should be a mechanism which keeps your customers informed about your new services, irrespective of their location. Emalgam provides you with SMS (Short Message Service) integration with your business. There are a number of ways by which you can enable SMS messaging on your applications.

M-Commerce Solutions
A huge amount of online transactions are being conducted over the internet using secure connections. There is a need to be able to provide secure financial transactions over the internet using mobile devices. This market is still evolving and the standards are being laid out. Emalgam has taken an early initiative on this too. We provide m-commerce solutions by enabling secure transaction over mobile devices by clubbing the transactional services provided by other industry majors, by implementing micro payment solutions.

Mobile Entertainment – Games
This industry is already going very fast as this the area, which is attracting more and more users towards use of mobile devices of course apart from the utility factor. Emalgam has already developed gaming software for one of our Japanese client. Emalgam can provide you with online games, online lottery systems coupled with secure payment channel integration from industry majors. These games could be developed in a completely online mode and also as a J2ME based application, which runs on a Java-enabled device.

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QA and Testing
A business organization looking for IT services needs to be assured of high quality standards to ensure a marked base of trust between the organization and the IT companies. Emalgam is well aware of this fact and have in place Quality Assurance procedures, and software testing tools and techniques that help us to surpass the quality standards expected from us by our clients. Maintaining the product quality is a step by step procedure wherein the process of verification and validation begins at a very initial stage of product development at Emalgam. A properly implemented quality plan looks after the desired product qualities and defines how these are to be judged. At Emalgam comprehensive quality plans are developed, which affirms the quality features that needs to be implemented in the software which is being developed. These quality plans also chart the development plans for optimal quality product development.

Emalgam’s QA Team:

At Emalgam quality check and software testing is an integral aspect of the entire developmental process. We follow a hierarchy so as to get better quality products which are verified and validated at each and every level. The process of QA at Emalgam is carried out by a very distinctive Quality Analysis team. This team is directly under the management team. This QA team looks after the over all quality functioning of the company. Our quality analysts are directly in touch with the senior level management to ensure overall quality maintenance. Our quality analysts are highly experienced individuals who have the in depth knowledge of all the technologies being used in the process of software development. This factor ensures timely guidance and assistance from the masters.

Emalgam'S QA Activities

Quality Assurance Process
High quality softwares are a result of timely planned, managed and a continuous process. This factor has led to QA teams ensuring the quality of the product since the time of product conceptualization. The QA team:

  • Defines process standards such as how and when reviews should be conducted
  • Supervise the development process from the first stage of the developmental cycle to the last, to ensure that the standards are being followed
  • Reports the software process to project management and to the customer

The “Software Director” has the final controlling authority. Project teams or individual developers ask for the technical assistance from the QA team which is directly under the guidance of Software Director. Therefore the software standards are directly under the management of the Software Directors. This hierarchy leads to a multiple check of quality at each level.

Software standards:
Quality of our products is maintained through the development and maintenance of the standards of processes and services. The term product standard stands for characteristics which all product components display; process standards classify how the software processes are conduct. Standards at Emalgam fulfill the under-mentioned obligation by:

  • Presenting a summary of finest and most suitable practices
  • Providing a raw structure around which the QA process is implemented
  • Assisting in continuity flow where work being done by one employee is taken up and sustained by another.
Acceptance of Standards
To resolve acceptance issues between Software Engineers & QA Specialists, in defining standards for a particular project, Emalgam’s QA team:
  • Engages software engineers in the development of product standards;
  • Reviews and modifies standards at set time intervals to showcase the changing technologies;
  • Offer software tools to maintain the standards where possible;
  • Collaborates with the project manager, at the inception of a project and decide on, which standards should not be modified, which should be modified, which should be ignored, and which new standards must be developed.

Due to the multi-tier quality checks in the developmental procedures we have developed some of the best quality software for companies, globally.

An import aspect in Quality Assurance is software testing. The process not only helps in detecting errors in the applications but also helps in the judging their usability and reliability. Our QA team conducts a variety of tests which include:

  • Automated Software Testing
  • Manual Software Testing

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