Enterprise Solutions
The Enterprise Application industry is the cornerstone in every organization’s IT structure. The current economic climate with its dynamic changes raise a whole set of challenges for companies to enable vital business operations - cost reduction and business agility being of utmost importance.
In this era of evolving technology, organizations wish to get rid of technology constraints by applying standardized business practices
Our practice proactively assists organizations in their business transformation initiatives and offers strategic vision
We help to reduce TCO, increase ROI and improve productivity. We offer skilled resources and best-in-class technology for implementation,

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions optimise supply chains and strengthen customer relationships, accommodating change while maintaining a fast, responsive and flexible service.

Can your current systems cope with change?
How can your business increase efficiency?
How can the right information be accessed faster?
How can you develop the workforce to satisfy your business goals?

These questions - all of them fundamental to success in today's ever-changing market place - we can help you answer. At Emalgam, we specialise in helping our clients achieve and maintain competitive advantage by integrating their systems, from financials, human resources and manufacturing, through to sales, distribution and customer relationship management.

From managing supply chains, devising CRM strategies, and deploying content management solutions to integrating enterprise-wide functions, Emalgam helps you with comprehensive, efficient and robust solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Client Challenges

  • Sustaining profitability in highly competitive and rapidly changing environments
  • Building and managing complex customer information
What Emalgam Provides
Emalgam delivers comprehensive, efficient, and robust solutions tailored to your enterprise’s needs. Learn more about the following areas:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • RFID
  • Call Management
  • Oracle
  • SAP

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Supply Chain Management
Emalgam has been rated as the #1 SCM vendor among all Indian system integrators, by leading analysts based on our years of experience in doing large-scale ERP implementations. We deliver complete business consulting and technical integration services for Supply Chain Management (SCM) through our strategic alliances with SAP, Oracle, i2, Ariba and Manugistics. We, at Emalgam, recognize our customer's need for a strong supply chain management that would release entrapped value in the supply chain and facilitate collaboration, between the internal and external stakeholders of the company. Our SCM services include,

  • Collaborative Demand and
  • Supply Planning
  • Integrated Manufacturing
  • Planning and Execution
  • Logistics and Fulfillment
  • Management
  • Strategic Sourcing, Procurement and Spend Analytics
  • Supply Chain Visibility

Collaborative Demand and Supply Planning
Our services help select and integrate a web-enabled demand planning solution to ramp up the forecasting process. This leads organizations to react to market trends by improving forecast accuracy and reducing inventory.

Integrated Manufacturing Planning and Execution
Our solution delivers integrated planning-execution solutions for manufacturing processes that reflect real-time factory capacity. This enables organizations to change plans as per emerging/changing market conditions.

Logistics and Fulfillment Management
We offer futuristic solutions for logistics automation and business system integration. This helps organizations in efficient scheduling and in turn reduces overhead costs.

Strategic Sourcing, Procurement and Spend Analytics
We provide integrated solutions for organizations to help them focus on cost control and enable optimum spend for more efficient operations.

Supply Chain Visibility
Our solutions enable the Supply Chain Partner Integration to gain ‘Visibility’ into the Supply Chain Network. This helps organizations achieve the intended objective by re-engineering and through integrated multiple business processes.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

In a volatile economic environment, businesses are leaning towards innovation in their IT resources. Working with next generation enterprise software, Emalgam Technologies provides strategic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) services that face up to market challenges.

Our ERP expertise is further driven by dedicated partnerships with ERP software providers like SAP, Oracle (including PeopleSoft and JD Edwards) and Microsoft. Mapping functionalities of ERP applications against your business requirements, Emalgam professionals provide consulting, implementation, upgrades, application management and SOA services across these domains,

  • Financial Management
  • Human Capital Management
Financial Management
Emalgam’s financial management expertise helps companies transform their finance functions, provides simple solutions to complex issues, and enables organizations to manage risks, reduce costs and improve business insights.

1.Forecasting and Budgeting
Emalgam helps organizations enable enterprise wide planning, use integrated applications to perform forecasting and budgeting functions and align them with their business strategies.

2.Accelerating Post Merger and Acquisition IT Integration
Emalgam offers solutions for rapid integration of the acquired company's ERP applications with the parent company. We help streamlining and facilitating the merger process with fast and economical integration of business processes and IT systems.

3.Financial Reporting and Analysis
We offer a specialized business solution for Financial Process Re-engineering focusing on Chart of Accounts redesign, Financial Shared Services Assessment and Financial Close Cycle Optimization. Our solution will help customers achieve 20~25% cost reduction and reduce the close cycle from 7~5 days.

4.Governance and Compliance
Our experience in global implementations has necessitated the streamlining of processes that are compliant with the legal regulations. Using a country specific compliance kit, we offer the advantage of making the processes legally compliant with the laws of that geography.

5.Risk Management
Emalgam provides Risk Management solutions to achieve high financial returns and smooth business performance by helping your business assess different risks and opportunities in various operations of the organization.

6.Accounts Receivable and Dispute Management Process
Emalgam offers deployment of Dispute Management components that integrate with the Accounts Receivable function. It helps large organizations face the big challenge of effectively monitoring the disputes and track to closure, resulting in the saving of administrative cost.

7.Accounts Payable Process
Our functional process knowledge helps organizations get rid of challenges they face in Accounts Payable functions in an industry. We help businesses across industries to bring all processes performed in silos to one platform, from the invoice receipt process to the verification and payment. This brings about savings in both time and administrative cost, by reducing payment cycle time.

Human Resource Management
Emalgam offers services using web-based technologies for automating processes like employee administration, payroll, benefits and training. We act as a catalyst for improvement to those who seek to move HR to a more strategic position within their organization, keeping a check on Human Capital cost. Over the years, the following HR process areas have been improved and automated for various clients using Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP applications.

1.Recruitment and Workforce Administration
Our solutions help organizations in automated matching and screening processes, at a reduced cost and reduced time. We help optimize resource utilization and strategize to balance the resource demand and supply to meet organizational requirements. Our services have resulted in efficient administration of valued workforce, reducing manual work and hence making HR operations effective and efficient.

2.Talent Development, Learning and Performance Management
Our integrated Talent Development engagements have helped our customers efficiently manage various training initiatives and effectively meet their employee’s career development needs. Our solutions focus on streamlining the performance management process and help standardize employee assessment, and monitor compensation benchmarks.

3.Compensation Management, Benefits Admin and Payroll
Our extensive functional experience in designing and implementing processes related to salary, bonus, incentive compensation, separation or retirement compensation and benefit processes, etc. helps our global customers achieve accurate and timely completion of these processes.

4.Employee Empowerment
Our solutions offer self-service functionalities to empower employees to perform various activities themselves and ensures efficient employee transactions, thus improving overall HR operations.

5.Absence and Time Management

Industries with large workforce and global reach achieve high efficiency through automated absence and time management solutions.

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Master Data Management

Quality data, consistent across the enterprise, can drive significant business benefits. From enabling intelligent business decisions to ensuring customer delight and regulatory compliance, it can positively impact your organization. Efficient processes and effective governance are critical to achieve this goal.

Emalgam offers Master Data Management strategies and solutions to give you the insight and tools to reap benefits through a single and consistent 360-degree view of data across your enterprise.

Client Challenges

  • Lack of consolidated enterprise-wide view of information such as customers
  • Disparate data across multiple applications and databases
  • Global spread of business and business partners
  • Increased M&A activity leading to highly complex enterprise data management
  • Global Slowdown
  • Implementing packaged applications without conforming to an enterprise's existing data structure
  • High costs per internal and external transaction for organization due to siloed data stores
  • Compulsory stringent regulatory compliances (like Sarbanes Oxley Act and BASEL II) demanding accurate, complete, and up-to-date information
  • Challenges in managing customer churn and new customer acquisition

What Emalgam Provides
Emalgam provides focused Master Data Management consulting and solutions across an enterprise, supported by dedicated Centers of Excellence with a multidisciplinary resource pool. Our MDM Solution capabilities span consulting, data strategy, architecture, implementation and support in coalition with best-in-class technology vendors and strategic alliance partners including IBM, SAP, Oracle and others.

Business Value
We help sustain MDM success in your organization, with processes that deliver consolidated, accurate and reliable data to eliminate duplications. We help you synchronize facts across geographies, business units and systems, to facilitate control throughout data life cycle, enabling:

  • Reduced operational costs by collaborating better internally and with partners, with a single information repository;
  • Increased revenues through improved channel management and enhanced customer interactions;>
  • Reduced time-to-market for new products;
  • Supply chain efficiency; Convenient and economical regulatory compliances and operational standards; Improved control across the value chain by maintaining a single version of facts and figures;
  • Customer delight across services and offerings with a 360-degree view of customer.
  • Emalgam has close alliances with leading players in the MDM positioning us to effectively gain a deep understanding and better execution capabilities.
  • Some of our leading alliances are (in alphabetical order):
  • i2 Technologies - System Integration Partner and Reseller
  • IBM - Premier System Integration Partner
  • Initiate Systems - Consulting Partner
  • Kalido - Implementation Partner
  • Oracle - Global Certified Advantage Partner
  • SAP - Global Services Partner
  • Siperian - Consultants and System Integrators

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Emalgam helps organizations devise and implement CRM strategies and solutions that become the backbone of their customer acquisition and retention strategies, and helping them foster loyal, profitable customer relationships.

Client Challenges

  • Creating and sustaining loyalty of a demanding customer base
  • Sustaining profitability in highly competitive and rapidly changing environments
  • Building and managing complex customer information
What Emalgam Provides
Integrated Customer Data Management
This solution helps your organization synchronize partial and fragmented data from various sources, providing a complete customer profile with no loss in data quality.

Subscription Management
Specifically addressing areas within the media and entertainment industries, this Emalgam solution allows enterprises to maintain and grow Average Revenue per User (ARPU) through customer retention programs, process improvements, and product innovations.

Trade Promotion Optimization
This closed-loop solution features integrated, collaborative trade promotion processes that help manufacturers streamline existing business processes and optimize trade promotion spending. It uses a combination of transactional processes and analytical dashboards for pre-promotion planning, promotion execution, monitoring, and post-promotion evaluation. It provides consumer goods companies with insights into promotion tactics for higher sales, improved brand loyalty, as well as ways to manage and measure trade promotion effectiveness.

Pre-paid Telecom Customer Care
This comprehensive customer-care solution features a lightweight, highly scalable three-tier architecture designed specifically to address the distinctive needs of this sector. Cost-effective, less complex than existing packaged solutions, simple to learn, capable of handling high subscriber volume, the solution can be easily integrated with legacy systems and provides a complete view of the customer.

Intelligent Inbound Customer Marketing
This solution helps marketers transform service-oriented contact centers into revenue-generating channels, using a combination of historical, personal, and contextual data to create a real-time customer profile. Combined with real-time analytics and business rules evaluation, it delivers the highest-impact offers to customers at the moment of interaction, increasing long-term profitability.

Contact Center Analytics
This solution analyzes performance through integrated and holistic data views from multiple contact center systems, increasing customer satisfaction to providing insights, learning, and forecasting.

Collaborative CRM for the Automotive Industry
This web-based solution is hosted by the manufacturer and emphasizes collaboration between the manufacturer, dealer, and customer. Using a web-based application, contact center, and customer web portal ensures seamless two-way communication, knowledge sharing, and visibility across the enterprise. The solution covers all dealership functional areas and manufacturer processes, marketing, sales, and service management.

Business Value

  • Increased agility, productivity and profits
  • Reduced costs and risks in today's diverse IT environments
  • Unified customer data across multiple business units and diverse functional systems, in order to provide reliable sources of customer information across enterprises
  • More efficient service, higher customer satisfaction, and reduced churn
  • Enhanced customer experience and increased revenue through improved cross- and up-selling
  • Superior customer experience assured at every touch point leading to enhanced customer loyalty and increased brand image
For the past two decades, Emalgam has been developing and implementing solutions on Oracle technology; we are an Oracle strategic Global Systems Integrator and Certified Advantage Partner. Emalgam focuses on providing solutions across Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, JD Edwards World, Siebel, and Oracle Fusion.
Download our brochure: Oracle Enterprise Solutions

As a trusted SAP partner, Emalgam offers various solutions from pre-implementation consulting to complete end-to-end implementation and post-implementation maintenance and support that help enterprises maximize ROI from SAP investments. Emalgam also implements various industry solutions such as IS Pharma, IS Retail, IS Oil and gas, and functional solutions such as Strategic Enterprise Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Warehouse, Enterprise Portals, and Customer Relationship Management for enterprises across the world.
Download our brochure: SAP Enterprise Solutions

Emalgam’ System Integrator Partnership with Amdocs allows us to implement Clarify CRM solutions for our customers.

Emalgam is an ATG software solution provider, offering services around ATG’s complete set of e-commerce solutions to help customers create a satisfied, loyal, and profitable online customer base. The Emalgam ATG Center of Excellence develops best practices and methodologies around ATG solutions to ensure faster, high-quality implementations for customers.
As a strategic partner of, worldwide leader in on-demand CRM services, Emalgam is entitled to benefits such as use of the applications; support and maintenance services; education and training; access to the Partner Portal; targeted joint selling; and so on. Emalgam currently provides a range of solutions based on Software as a Service (SaaS) on-demand applications to its clients, thus enabling them to enhance their customer experience from strategy to implementation to application management outsourcing in customer-facing areas of Marketing, Sales, Service and Support, Customer Analytics and Customer Data Integration.

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In today's evolving business landscape, enterprises need to do more than just adapt; they need to predict change and respond proactively. This requires effective alignment of people, processes, data, and technology in a way that enables enterprises to keep pace with existing demands, while preparing for the future. Over the last two decades, Emalgam has been helping enterprises leverage Oracle’s E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Fusion platforms to achieve these imperatives and succeed in the changing environment. Emalgam offers its customers end-to-end consulting services in Oracle, from strategy formulation, to development and deployment of the chosen enterprise solutions product, to maintenance and support.

Client Challenges

  • Failure to identify and implement the right ERP solution, leading to rise in total cost of ownership; inability to adhere to budget and timeline schedule; low system performance; and low synergy between ERP and other enterprise systems
  • Issues related to change management and resistance to use ERP in enterprises lead to low acceptability among employees, higher training costs, and longer periods to reap benefits out of the ERP applications
  • High maintenance cost leads to profitability crunches
What Emalgam Provides

Based on standard tools and methodologies, Emalgam categorizes its enterprise solution offerings as follows:

  •  Advisory offerings help enterprises identify business challenges and develop an ERP strategy and roadmap:
  • Business Process Standardization (BPS)
  • ERP Strategy and Roadmap
  • Due Diligence for Application Support
  • ERP Audit
  • Upgrade Assessment
  • Implementation service offerings enable customers to deploy an ERP solution aligned with their business objectives:
    • End-to-end implementation
    • Global Rollout
    • Upgrade
  • Outsourcing offerings allow Emalgam to ensure 24/7 post-implementation support to the implemented ERP solution:
    • Support and Maintenance
    • Shared Support Services
    • Center of Excellence Set-up
    • Assurance Services
  • Industry Solutions:
    • Dairy: From production to dispatch, Emalgam’ complete enterprise solution enables dairy companies to manage variability, control inventory, streamline financial processing, and bring in increased transparency in operations.
    • EU-VAT: Emalgam’ EU-VAT solution allows cross-border, intra-European acquisition accounting for customers selling goods and services to multiple European destinations. It provides accurate VAT documentation, accurate invoicing, and Intrastat-compliant reports for numerous scenarios including cross-border multi drops, part-shipments and multi-sourced transactions.
    • Paint and Ink: Emalgam’ solution covers the Paint and Ink industry’s process manufacturing, financials, and supply chain functions. The solution implements Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) along with Oracle Financials and Oracle Distributions to cater to customer needs.
    • Paper and Pulp: From optimizing process conditions and capturing appropriate parameters at every stage of pulp and paper manufacturing to minimizing paper wastage and improving visibility of order item movement, Emalgam helps these companies optimize their entire process cycle.
    • Public Works: Emalgam' solution for public works departments offers integrated views of critical information, thus aiding effective decision-making.
    • Subscription: Emalgam’ subscription solution, based on Oracle E-Business Suite, meets the requirement of periodic revenue recognition, auto-generates billing schedules on the basis of the product setup or the contract template, and traces the status of delivery and payment while ensuring proper integration between billing and fulfillment.
    • Workforce Management: Emalgam’ solution offers the ability to create, manage, schedule, optimize and track work done by the field personnel that helps in closing the information gap between the service organization and the field service workforce.

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    The business world is transforming at a fast pace. To sustain competitive advantage in this changing environment, it is imperative for companies to connect the entire enterprise together. As strategic partners of SAP, Emalgam has been helping global enterprises achieve this imperative. Emalgam has extensive experience across SAP solutions — consulting, end-to-end implementations, upgrades, and support — helping customers implement, optimize, and enhance value from their SAP investments.

    Client Challenges

    • Increasingly complex network of processes
    • Critical information spread across disparate systems
    • Absence of data flow transparency and lack of integration of the enterprise with its extended eco-system
    • Need for statutory compliance and tackling performance management
    What Emalgam Provides
    Based on the Think, Build, and Operate model, Emalgam’ comprehensive portfolio of offerings span the complete life cycle of SAP enterprise solutions — enabling enterprises to transform, enhance, and optimize. Our offerings include:

    • Pre-implementation: Emalgam offerings in the pre-implementation stage lay the foundation for business transformation. We provide innovative solutions like Software as a Service (SaaS), and help enterprises leverage SOA to develop solutions to meet their industry challenges.
    • Implementation: Emalgam supports enterprises through the implementation stage by deploying the right solutions to make them agile.
    • Post-implementation: In the post–implementation stage, Emalgam helps with upgrade, SAP health check, and SAP audit to enable enterprises maximize the value of their SAP investments.
    Business Value
    By offering SAP enterprise solutions, Emalgam enables companies across industries benefit from the following:

    • Simplified technology landscapes
    • Integrated processes
    • Streamlined operations
    • Agility and improved connectivity

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