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One of the great things about Emalgam is we're compatible with almost any other email system out there, so migrating to us normally means minimal changes on your end. By supporting POP, IMAP & SMTP, you have the option to use any number of common email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.
The integrated web administration panel allows you to easily manage your users and system settings.
Our email setup is easy to use, easy to manage. Offer your users what they like - a clean and intuitive webmail interface.
Emalgam's IM service will provide you with a branded webmail-based and downloadable client that auto-populates your IM user list

Our email setup is easy to use, easy to manage. Offer your users what they like - a clean and intuitive webmail interface. The integrated web administration panel allows you to easily manage your users and system settings.
You will enjoy Emalgam mail performance even on slower computers The light-weight interface is lightning fast, thanks to the well-designed system architecture utilizing extensive caching and vast optimizations of rendering the user interface.
Emalgam mail look-and-feel is designed to give users what they may need at the moment and avoid clutter of complex menus, toolboxes and unwanted features. These efforts result in improved usability and light-weight interface layout. E-mail address auto-complete, drag-n-drop, message preview pane and other features will save time and let your users be even more productive.
Emalgam mail fully supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and is available for both major web platforms: ASP.NET and PHP. You can deploy it on a dedicated server or shared hosting account.

Emalgam mail can be used to access mail on virtually any POP3/IMAP-enabled mail servers.
Still not overloading the user interface with tons of controls, Emalgam mail can provide a lot of value for you and your users:

  • Private, shared and public calendar
  • Local and remote mail accounts
  • Folders and sub-folders
  • Full IMAP support
  • Many skins and interface languages
  • Rich-text (WYSIWYG) editor
  • Modern AJAX user interface
  • Multiple mail accounts per user
  • Domain-level branding and defaults
  • Web-based administration panel
  • Developer's API
  • Accurate e-mail viewer (e-mails are rendered just like in Outlook)
  • Easy integration with existing web sites or applications and programmatic access to many functions with the developer's API
  • Supports different interface settings and login URL's for different domains (domain-level branding)
  • Easily customizable, skin-based interface style, can be translated to other languages
  • Can be very easily installed on cPanel server (how)

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Use Your Existing Email Client

One of the great things about Emalgam is we're compatible with almost any other email system out there, so migrating to us normally means minimal changes on your end. By supporting POP, IMAP & SMTP, you have the option to use any number of common email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.
What's the Difference Between POP & IMAP?

The difference between POP and IMAP is where your emails and mail folders are stored. In most cases with POP3, you will download your emails from our servers, thereby removing them from our server and putting them into your local email client. They are not left on Emalgam. With IMAP, your emails and mail folders are kept on our servers, so when you access your email account via IMAP, you'll be looking at your emails remotely.

The advantage with POP3 is that you don't have to be online to check your emails. Some businesses would also rather keep their data on their local computers, so POP3 is a better option. With IMAP, your emails are stored on our servers and therefore you can easily access your emails from any Internet connection worldwide. Your emails will also be backed up regularly and be stored on multiple servers, making it reliable and efficient. If ever you were to lose the data on your local computer, you wouldn't lose your emails.
SMTP Information

Emalgam can configure our SMTP servers to adapt to your setup. In most cases, we require SMTP Authentication (a standard configuration option) to be turned on in your email client. In circumstances where this isn't supported, we can authenticate customer IP addresses to send without authentication.

Emalgam doesn't have a set sending limit per day. We only ask that you take no more than your fair share of email resources. In other words, unless you're planning to send out masses of emails, you should be fine. If you do intend to send out large amounts of email, be sure to talk to us first, or check our mailing list service

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Instant Messaging
Emalgam's IM service will provide you with a branded webmail-based and downloadable client that auto-populates your IM user list based on who is in your mailbox group.
IM Isn't Normally Like This

Most companies still depend on a consumer-targeted IM service such as ICQ or MSN to communicate with each other. Not only is this insecure, it's also tedious and time-consuming to insure that you have all of your company's employees on your contact list, because you have to manually manage your group. It also leaves you susceptible to spam because you're on a public and open network.

Our IM solution solves all of these problems.
Use Webmail or Download the IM Client

Our IM solution is available both in your Webmail account and as a downloadable application for either Windows or Mac. Your contact list will always stay in sync, so no matter where you login from, you'll be ready to chat with online contacts.

The Webmail IM client is AJAX based so it's very efficient, quick and works just like your typical IM software - only entirely from your browser.

IM Contact List Automatically Populates

On the first login, the contact list will populate automatically update with every user in your email group. Any online users will instantly show up.

Whenever a user is added or removed from the email group, it will update your IM list so that you'll only show active and current users.
Branded to Your Company

The downloadable IM Client automatically brands itself to your company. Using our Webmail skinning feature, you'll be able to upload your company logo. After any of your users first login, the client will automatically rebrand itself to include your company name and logo.
Connects to Other Networks

Both our Webmail and download IM clients integrate with other popular chat networks, including ICQ, AIM, Yahoo and MSN. Simply add in your login credentials and your contact list will update with all of your contacts from those networks.

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Spam and Virus protection

Emalgam gives you total control of your spam and virus filter. We don't automatically block any emails from coming into our server, because we know our customers will want to filter their emails in their own way. Our spam and virus features include the following:
Delete Viruses Automatically

This option is set to enabled by default. For those people who still want to view emails that may contain a virus, the email's subject line will be rewritten and then the message will be placed in your spam folder.
Set the Sensitivity of the Spam Filter

One of the strengths of Emalgam's spam system is that we give you control over how sensitive the spam filter is. If you want to have the highest scoring spam emails automatically removed, but the moderate scored emails placed in your spam folder, then that is absolutely doable.

Receive a Spam Digest Report

Receive a daily, weekly or monthly report of any emails in your spam folder. We'll send you the subject and opening sentence from each email. If you want to read the full email, click the link next to the subject and you'll be taken to a webpage where you can review the message and opt to have it redelivered to your inbox.
Spam to Inbox for POP3 Users

POP3 users often want to use our spam filter, but then want access to their spam folder from their local email client. The solution to this is to move your spam filtered emails (where the subject has now been altered to indicate it's spam) back to your inbox, so they can be downloaded via a regular POP3 connection. The user can then create a mail rule within their email client to place those spam emails into their local junk mail folder.
Discard Spam & Viruses from Forwarders

If you're forwarding a mailbox on to another email address, then the collection spam may cause your spam folder to fill up. This option will help keep your spam folder size under control by automatically discarding spam and viruses found in emails that are going to be forwarded on.
Stop your Spam Folder from Getting Too Big

Our spam folder archive options let you clear messages from your spam folder when:
After the message reaches a certain age.
There are over X number of messages in your spam folder.
When the spam folder reaches a certain size.
Whitelists and Blacklists

Emalgam supports the ability to whitelist or blacklist a single email address or an entire domain name. Any email address or domain name added by the admin user will be filtered to all of the mailboxes in the group, thereby creating an easy way to manage a global whitelist/blacklist.
Validation Response For Unknown Senders (Optional)

Verification response requires the sender of an email to physically click a link before the email will be delivered to your inbox. This helps to verify that the sender is actually a human and not some spam system. Once they click the link once, their email will be trusted by your account and they won't need to verify it again. You can customize the message they receive and also optionally only send verification response requests to emails that score more than a certain spam threshold.

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What It Syncs

Email, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks & Notes (including shared folders). Depending on your device, certain features may not be available. To see if your device is supported, please click here.
The Concept

You want to stay in sync no matter what device or machine you connect from - not a big ask, but something that very few providers are able to offer. The impact to your efficiency is enormous, because you have live data at your fingertips everywhere. Often people have to resort to an expensive Microsoft Exchange solution - luckily though for you, you've found an alternative that is a fraction of the cost of an Exchange mailbox and sync is comes included!

Supporting Outlook and Over 1200 Mobile Devices

Blackberry, Windows Mobile and iPhone are all supported. In addition though, we support over 1200 other mobile devices. Some of the handsets we support don't even support email by default, but with our software, a new application will be installed that will allow email notification alerts. See our supported devices.

Configuration of our software is simple. If you're setting up a mobile phone, we'll SMS you a link to a configured client that will then setup your phone to sync with your Emalgam account. If you're setting up Outlook, a download file will be provided to you.

How it Works

You've no doubt heard of cloud computing by now. It's a very popular term that describes data that is stored in a central location and then the user (i.e. you) connects to that location. That's different from the days of old when data would reside with the user, thereby only being accessible from a single location.

In this cloud computing explanation, Emalgam is the cloud. We host all of your data, including email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes. Whenever anything happens to any of these components (e.g. you receive an email, add an appointment, etc.), it is saved to the cloud. It then becomes accessible to any device accessing the cloud. It doesn't matter how many devices you connect from, they will all be in sync with each other.

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